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Photoshoot: lululemon

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I interviewed with some of the lululemon team a few months back, with my fingers crossed that they'd like who I am, what I do, and ultimately want me to model their incredible products.

....and BOOM, BITCHES! The team contacted me to tee up a half-day shoot outside Melbourne Museum. The location was sweeeeeeet. The team was lovellllllllly. I was able to be creative and suggest exercises, poses and shots. I was in my absolute element!

I had two outfits to shoot in. Unfortunately the colours weren't my vibe (i'm allergic to pink), however the materials and cut of these products are actually the tits. The white top I was wearing in one outfit was actually gifted to me YAY and I've worn it 1000 times already.

Alongside photos for website banners and social media, we also filmed a short HIIT workout. I've been spotting my butt around the lulu instagram and their sponsored posts. Very grateful to work with such a kind team, that genuinely love their jobs. Thank you so much team!

I actually don't buy much activewear - which is a bit strange, considering I'm a personal trainer! I never have more than 2 pairs of tights (both black), two tops (now 3 thanks to lulu), and a few sports bras on rotation until I donate them/throw them out. I always see cute activewear but I try not to buy fast-fashion or products that aren't going to last the test of time. I wish it was easier to find out where products were made! The look and feel of the lulu tights I wore on shoot day felt next-level, much better quality than my history with adidas or nike tights. All in all, lulu tights feel $$$$ because they are. But if they're sustainably sourced, it is totally worth it.

If anyone knows of ethically sourced and sustainable activewear, HMU via comment or insta @alicebalance

Here are the shots I was sent! Love the shadows and lines and real schvitzy forehead from running

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